Here are but a few of my paintings that I've had time to photograph and upload. More will be added.





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  • Life's curveballsAcrylic 15x50cm
  • BeginningsAcrylic 80x30cm
  • Death of a DreamAcrylic 20x50cm
  • Anger, Cold, JoyfulAcrylic 24x30cm x3
  • Entangled in DestinyAcrylic 20x40cm
  • Fragile DreamsAcrylic 10x40cm
  • The Spice must flowAcrylic 40x50cm
  • MasqueAcrylic 30x40cm
  • Sommar, sommar, sommarAcrylic 20x60cm
  • SoarAcrylic 30x80cm
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