Upcoming 2020:

      10-13 April, Mästers Galleri, Skurup Castle

                            & Rydsgårdshus, Storgatan 4,


      13-14 June, Mästers Galleri, Skurup Castle




Alicia Jansson lives in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, with roots from Sweden and Ireland. Art has always been a part of her life, growing up playing in her grandmother's atelier.

At 16 she decided to pick up a paintbrush and have a go at it herself, and has continued ever since. Formally studied B.Sc. Product development & Design in Malmö, then a Masters in Industrial design in Milan.


The motifs have changed character over the years but reoccurring parts are masques, bubbles, minimalism and abstract symbolism. In later years metallic details have worked itself into many pieces. Often uses rough strokes combined with softer precise details and then let's her feelings and imagination lead.




    25-28 July, Mästers Galleri, Skurup Castle, Sweden - with Susann Bönnemark


    Gallery Blue Light, on tour


    30 Dec, Gallery Blue Light, Halmstad Castle, Sweden
    17-18 Nov, Mästers Galleri, Skurup Castle, Sweden
    8-9 Sep, Gallery Blue Light, Halmstad Castle, Sweden